Become a Volunteer

Here is your chance to make a difference and to experience the pleasures that come with helping others. As Muslims, we have a duty to improve our communities and to help those in need.

Volunteering with CAIR-Connecticut is an excellent way to exercise our faith, work towards a better America, build your resume and gain a wide range of experience. We provide our volunteers with letters of recommendation and proof of volunteer hours.

We have enhanced the volunteer experience by making it convenient for you, by offering:

  1. An online message board to discuss your projects, and gives you the access to resources, discussion and support.
  2. A diverse range of projects and activities so you can participate in your areas of interest.
  3. An organized approach with clear goals, instructions, deadlines and resources to achieve results.
  4. A rewarding experience that builds both teamwork and community.

If you would like to volunteer to help promote our community through various tasks, please contact us as soon as possible! Jazak Allahkhair!

View the following link for reasons of why Muslims should volunteer in their communities: Volunteerism In Islam.

Are you a leader of a Masjid or Islamic Center?

Would you like CAIR-CT to give a workshop to your members?

Workshops that teach you what to say to police, government officials, airport personnel, law enforcement and others. Are your children being bullied? Call us - We CAIR!

CALL (860) 341-CAIR to schedule an appointment or workshop.

CAIR-CT also offers Friday khutbas to local masaajid and Islamic centers throughout CT in order to educate the community about the issues that are affecting our Muslim community.



CAIR PSAs (Public Service Announcements)

'9/11 Happened to Us All'
Firefighter (60-Second)

'9/11 Happened to Us All'
Medical Responder (30-Second)

'9/11 Happened to Us All'
Interfaith (30-Second)