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Last Month saw our first ever Muslim Capitol Day in Connecticut. Students from around central Connecticut took part in a visit to the State Capitol, where they learned about the history of the state and the fundamentals of the political process in America. The students met with law makers including the state’s first Muslim Senator, Senator Saud Anwar. Each of the students said that they felt a sense of pride seeing a Muslim elected official in on the floor of the State Senate. Jazakallah Khairan to those who contributed. Special thanks to all those that helped in making this event a success including Imam Rafai and and the chaperones from the Berlin Mosque.
At the end of the month of April, we also held CAIR CT’s first ever Fundraising Luncheon. The event featured Representative Movita Johnson-Harell of Pennsylvania. As you know, Representative Johnson-Harrell is the first Hijabi representative elected in Pennsylvania. She gave a heart felt talk about the importance of organizations like CAIR in representing Muslims and shared her personal story of hope and overcoming tragedy and focusing on making a positive impact on the community at large. Also speaking at the event was Josh Salaam Muslim Chaplain at Duke University and member of the Nasheed Group Native Deen. Mariam Azeez, young author of the book “Soulful Sydney,” spoke about her experience with school bullying. Ms. Azeez gave signed copies of her book to those who attended the event in support of CAIR CT.
We also recognized Dr. Sajjad Khan recipient of CAIR CT’s Defender of Freedom Award for his steadfast support of CAIR Connecticut through out the years. Jazakallah Khairan to those who donated, our volunteers, and all those participated in making the Luncheon a success.
In preparation for the events in April CAIR CT received seven letters of congratulations from Connecticut State Legislators. Attorney General Tong also sent in a video acknowledging the important work that organizations like CAIR CT do in the State of Connecticut.
April in Review
4/6 Know Your Rights Presentation in Waterbury
CAIR-CT took part in a series of presentations in Waterbury in an event coordinated with the Waterbury Police to give security training to the masjed in the wake of the NZ terrorist attacks.
4/9 Meeting with Ahmadiyya Congregation at Baitul Aman in Meriden
CAIR CT along with members of the greater Connecticut Muslim Community met with congregants of the Bayt al Aman Ahmadiyya Center to talk about religion and ways that each community can work together to benefit the people of Connecticut. There was also discussions about collaborating on a public access television show geard to presenting the Muslim story to Connecticut viewers. The show is hosted by Chaplain Zahir Muhamad Mannan of Middletown. Mannan is a social rights activist, Muslim Chaplin for the City of Meriden Police, and guest speaker at events on diversity and inclusion across the country.
4/12 Tabled at the United Muslim Mosque
Tark Aouadi and his family represented CAIR-CT tabling at Jummah in Waterbury. At that Friday Prayer we met with a New Jersey Supreme Court Justice who spoke about the importance of faith in every fascite of public life. We also spoke with the Imam about initiatives to recognize Eid as a state wide school holiday. Contact us for more information on this initiative.
4/17 Muslim Capitol Day
CAIR-CT brought Muslim youths from across the Greater Hartford area to learn about state government at the Hartford Capitol. Youths were able to speak to government representatives, including Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff, State Senator Bizzarro, State Senator Kushner, Connecticut Citizens Action Group Community Organizer Dominique Toroko, and Deputy Chaplain Refai Arefin, Esq..
4/27 First Annual Luncheon
CAIR-CT brought Duke Chaplain and Native Group Member Joshua Salaam, and first Muslim representative in Pennsylvania Movita Johnson-Harrell to speak about the important of Civil Rights Organizations in the American Muslim Community. Thank you for your generous donations!
4/26 – 4/29 CAIR National Civil Rights Educational Tour
Our Outreach Coordinator, Yusuf Mansoor, took part in CAIR National’s Second Annual Civil Rights Tour. CAIR joined with dozens of religious and civil rights organizations in California, where they took part in the 50th Annual Manzanar Pilgrimage. Manzanar was an internment camp where Japanese Americans were imprisoned over the course of World War II. The event gathered together leaders of all faiths to strategize about the best practices in current civil rights initiatives to commemorate the past internment of American Immigrants in WWII camps and ensure such actions never happen again against citizenry of the United States.

Upcoming Events

INTERFAITH IFTAR AT Unitarian Universalist Church of Meriden 328 Paddock Ave Meriden CT 06456. May 14, 2019 from 7 to 9 pm.
KNOW YOUR RIGHTS RAMADAN – Explaining Reasonable Accommodation. Islamic Center of New London, May 24, 2019 from 7 to 9pm.
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