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If you or someone you know is the victim of a hate crime, bias, profiling or discrimination, please complete the form below. Make CAIR aware of the situation so we can take the appropriate action.

You may also download the form, complete, and submit by mail or fax.

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Are you a leader of a Masjid or Islamic Center?

Would you like CAIR-CT to give a workshop to your members?

Workshops that teach you what to say to police, government officials, airport personnel, law enforcement and others. Are your children being bullied? Call us - We CAIR!

CALL (860) 341-CAIR to schedule an appointment or workshop.

CAIR-CT also offers Friday khutbas to local masaajid and Islamic centers throughout CT in order to educate the community about the issues that are affecting our Muslim community.



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'9/11 Happened to Us All'
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